All These Ghosts

Break the Cycle

You're projecting all of your fear onto someone who's not even here. It's all these ghosts that cannot hear, your spiteful tones from all those years.

(Chorus) And you can't break the cycle or the chains that have you stifled.

You're neglecting the ones who are here and resurrecting pain and fear. Your perspective is mired in loss, an emptiness that has accrued a cost.


There is no hope in a hate filled house, there are no means when there is only doubt. And your life's worth is nullified by a grudge that cannot be reconciled.


Dumb Kids

Dumb kids just having fun ignoring everyone, pretending that their life is perfect. Life in oblivion: a void under the sun a blank space to be filled with content.

But not your work in progress, not your buyers market

Young kids grow up to be dumbed-down by apathy, once youthful now a bitter quotient. Young kids once so happy, ignorant blissfully grow up so cold and broken.

(Chorus) Not your demographic, not made in plastic. Not your work in progress, not your target market.

(Bridge) Intelligence is overrated when it's only used to make money. I'd rather be dumb and sedated, than to force to live my life so miserably.

Dumb kids just having fun, curious and innocent: Children behaving accordingly. No need for medicine, or harsh analysis. Just let the kids be dumb and happy.

(Chorus & Bridge)

Human Decency

The moral highroad is full of potholes, it's under construction. And the more you strain, the less you can control to create obstructions. The lives of others so carefully scrutinized because you're so concerned that your views are not simply sanctified and that you've got to learn about some human decency.

(Chorus) About a thing that connects you to me. Where's your human decency, where is the love that you claimed for everybody? Where is the love?

Belief is not a validation for such hate, or your ignorance. It's unbecoming in today's modern age to be oblivious. Your faith is not a feasible excuse no more, we just co-exist. This world is big enough for everyone to learn how to benefit from some human decency.


Where is the love?

No Consolation

The words you spoke offered no consolation, despite your best intentions, you kept us hating. Promises all broke, just like your concentration, despite your best intentions, you left us hanging.

(Chorus) Hanging on, holding out for a lie, but the longer we held out, the more we realized, we were hanging onto nothing all of this time.

Your words like a smoke, simply evaporated like a lucid figment of our imagination. Promises like jokes, a punch anticipated. Your wits are overrated you're all talk and no action.


Talk is cheap when the words are fake.
Talk is cheap when you've got nothing to say.
Talk is cheap, actions speak.

The words you spoke offered no consolation. No consolation.


Storms All The Time

It's happening all over again the silence is deafening and the distance sets in so certain. It's happening under your skin, like lightning. These heavy dark clouds are rolling and it's frightening.

(Chorus) This once passing phase is now here to stay, this once bad habit has now taken my true love away.

It's happening without permission and no warning. The flooded out fields, ideal conditions for a landslide and it's happening we weren't listening; ignoring the storms gathering and strengthening off our shores.


(Bridge) The clouds have convalesced, the air is so heavy, the signals are read distress, but we were never ready.

System Failure EP

System Failure

We can go around and around in circles, this conversation goes nowhere. We can find our way around this trouble, but system failure's beyond repair.

(Chorus) Once everything is flawed, why pretend to not notice. Once everything is flawed, why be miserable? It's just because you don't want to be proven wrong.

We've been going at this time for a long time, so vigilant to a lie. Excuses slowly began to stockpile and our desire faded with time.

(Chorus) Once everything is wrong, why pretend that it's alright. Once everything is wrong, why pretend that it's alright, we remain miserable. It's just because we don't like to be proven wrong.

(Bridge) Everything for us here is broken, everything for us here is fucked up.

Each Step a Struggle

I can see your signal fading, I can see you back sliding again into the mess that you've escaped from into the mess where it all began. Because you're in trouble, you're in trouble. I can hear the overture, the melancholy in your voice. The cynicism in your words I can see it and I can feel it, yes you're in trouble, each step a struggle.

(Chorus) Just give up the ghosts, just let it go.

I see the lies forming a pattern, I feel the distance increasing. I see the smoke of the bridges burning, I feel your resistance again. Yes you're in trouble, each step a struggle. I see the lines forming a pattern, I hear the words of a heavy heart. I feel the pain in every movement, I see you being torn apart. Yes you're in trouble, each step a struggle.